Treatment of Brain Tumors


Specialists dealing with treatment of brain tumor are neurosurgeons and oncologists.  The treatment to be applied is closely associated with type, location and progress of the tumor.  It is also important in some tumors whether cancer cells are in cerebrospinal fluid.  Most of the patients discuss the following issues with their physicians before the treatment …

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Spinal Canal Stenosis


Canal narrowing called lumbar spinal stenosis in medicine is compression onto the spinal cord due to calcification of bone and connective tissue surrounding the spinal cord.  It is commonly detected after 55 years of life.  It is detected more in women than men.  If the canal where spinal cord passes is narrow congenitally, it is …

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Sliding of Lumbar Vertebrae


How does lumbar spine slide? Sliding of lumbar vertebra, sliding of spinal bone system overlapping and compressing the spinal cord, is a very common disorder. Desire to stop frequently while walking, numbness on legs, burning sense and if it is not treated urinary incontinence, loss of sexual potency, inability to walk, not feeling the lower …

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Cervical Spinal Tumor

Tumor which has invaded vertebrae on lower part of the neck and significantly compresses onto the spinal canal (cervical spinal tumor). The tumor was removed completely and fusion from posterior was performed and the area was filled with titanium mash and acrylic after anterior corpectomy.

Spinal Disc Herniation


Spinal Disc herniation Early diagnosis is very important in spinal disc herniation.  Because, early diagnosis provides deciding on an appropriate treatment within the shortest period.  Ratio for benefiting from the surgery is higher with a surgery performed timely.  Although treatments applied after e certain period of the disease, complete recovery of the symptoms of the …

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Cervical Disc Hernia

The most problematic area of our body in terms of pain is our neck.  The pain is sensed on our head and back as well when we have a problem on our neck.  Memory impairment and dizziness are added into these; our sensitivity increases; we feel tired and exhausted during the day; we get up …

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Pott’s Disease of the Cervical Spine


A 56 year old patient referred by complaints of severe pain on arms, weakness on arms and legs and inability to walk.  In cervical MRI, a large tuberculosis abscess (pott’s abscess) and advanced compression on the spinal cord were detected.  The patient was operated by us and the abscess was cleared completely; a new cervical …

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Pontocerebellar Angle Tumor(Cerebellopontin Angle Tumor)


A pontocerebellar angle tumor with an approximate diameter of 4 cm adjacent to the brain stem.  The patient was operated by me and all tumor was removed; control films (MRI images?) are in the following. The patient may work after the surgery, she has not facial paralysis (which is a common complication for this surgery). …

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Which symptoms do brain tumors cause in the body?

Symptoms caused by brain tumors depends on tumor size, tumor type and tumor location.  Tumor may grow and compress on surrounding tissues or nerves.  This may cause different symptoms according to the location of compression.  Tumor-induced fluid collection (edema) may cause similar symptoms.  The most common symptoms are: Nausea or vomiting Changes on speaking, vision …

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Cavernoma or cavernous malformation is a vascular abnormality of central nervous system.  A group of abnormal, swollen vessels exist in this disease.  They seem like barriers and their sizes are smaller than 3 centimeter in general.  This condition is common in some individuals. In Whom Are Cavernoma Seen and What is The Incidence? Cavernomas are …

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