Aneurysms Brain HemorrhagesBleeding into Brain Tissue (Intracerebral Hemorrhage)

11 September 2018by Prof. Dr. Alper Kaya0çi-kanama.jpg

This type of bleeding usually involves a ruptured minor artery in the brain. The bleeding compresses the brain tissue of its location and causes dysfunction of the body area controlled by that part of the brain.

The most common cause of intracerebral bleeding is hypertension. The vessels weaken and get prone to rupture with the wearing effect of hypertension for years. In addition, diabetes is another disease that compromises the vascular structure and diabetes together with hypertension pave the way for brain hemorrhage. Regular use of medication and diet minimizes the risk of brain hemorrhage in these diseases.

The most effective way of protection from these brain hemorrhages is to control our blood pressure within normal limits.

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